Located in the eastern side of Lahore’s Old City Wazir Khan Mosque is a unique monument of Mughal architecture, probably one of the best examples of Mughal architectural traditions.

The mosque was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The construction started in 1634 and lasted for 7 years. The mosque was named after Hakim Shaikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari, widely known as Wazir (translated from Farsi – minister) Khan, who was the governor of Lahore and the initiator of the mosque’s construction.

The mosque was built on the site of the tomb of Syed Muhammed Ishaq, a saint who had migrated from Iran to Lahore in the 13th century. In order to ensure the financial stability of the Mosque Wazir Khan initiated also the construction of a bathhouse and a bazaar, both located next to the mosque. Despite his efforts the bathhouse was not profitable, but the bazaar has survived up to today.

Wazir Khan Mosque has four octagonal minarets that are standing in corners of the main courtyard. The Mosque was the first construction with minarets at each of its four corners built in Lahor. The mosque is built from brick and tile. Each of its five compartments has a dome and an entrance to the main octagonal courtyard. To the north and south of the courtyard galleries with double rows of arcade chambers are stretching out.

The mosque is almost entirely decorated with glazed tile mosaics. These mosaics have survived from the Mughal period. The walls are decorated with floral patterns, masterful calligraphy verses from the Koran and Persian poetry. No wonder that the Mosque once was an important centre for training Islamic calligraphers.

The Mosque and the adjacent bazaar are one of the main touristic destinations in Lahore. Currently the Mosque is under restorations.

Visit Wazir Khan Mosque

  • Address: Masjid Wazir Khan, Shahi Guzargah, Lahore, Pakistan
    Wazir Khan Mosque is located on the Eastern side of Lahore old city, 300 m away from Delhi Gate. It can be easily accessed from other landmarks in Lahore.
  • Access: It is situated 1.5 km East from Lahore Fort and and 1.7 km away from Badshahi Mosque, about 20 minutes walking distance or 5 minutes driving. It is about 7 km West from Shalimar Gardens, via Ghoray Shah Rd.
  • Geographic Coordinates: 31°34′59″N 74°19′24″E

Wazir Khan Mosque Map

Wazir Khan Mosque Facts

  • Monument type: Mosque
  • Architecture: Indo-Islamic architecture, Mughal architecture
  • Year completed: 1635 A.D.
  • Minaret height: 30.48 m / 100 ft